ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 8th September 2021

TOPIC: INTEGRITY AS A WAY OF LIFE TEXT: 2 KINGS 22:1-10 God expects those called by His name to live lives that should attract people to Him. Likewise Leaders, husband, businessmen and women, workers, Students and all people saddle with one responsibility or the other. Integrity has been defined doing the right things even when no one is watching you. King Josaih was a man of spotless integrity because he did what was right by following the examples of one of his ancestors, David. He reformed the temple and worshipping God by constituting workers and givin8 them resources to repair the temple without demanding accountability from them. This might be because they were also people of integrity. There are many people in the Church today who have failed God and the way leaders handle God's resources is very worrisome as the conscience to do what is right has been relegated to the background. God is still looking for people of integrity to honor His name. Will you be one of them?


How do you live your life in your community and how do people view you? PRAYER

Dear Father, I am sorry for dragging your name through the mud by my bad lifestyle. Please forgive me and restore to me the joy of Your salvation, in Jesus name, Amen.

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