After several meetings between the EYF Int'l Executives and the Christian Education Department, it was agreed that an emergency council meeting be called on the 22nd May, 2021. At the meeting several reasons and concerns were raised and considered.

1. That the registration as at 22nd May 2021 stood at 1350 which has not satisfied the requirement for pre-conference registration.

2. That ,so far, only about 17% of the venue budgeted sum has been deposited for the Venue and accommodation by the LOC.

3. That not more than half of the registered participants have paid for their transportation to Enugu 2021.

4. That the increasing security challenges in the entire Country and especially the inability of security agencies to guarantee the EYF security called for a rethink as children of God.

5. That many parents are not willing to allow their children in the face of all reality travel to Ebonyi State for the conference at this point in time.

It is on this note that all 61 DYC Leaders present at the emergency meeting agreed that the Enugu/Ebonyi conference be postponed and all DYC Leaders to pay all conference registration fees into the designated account as the leadership will publish on its Facebook page the total registration according to their DYCs any moment.

Note: New date will be communicated soon.

Thank you for your understanding and we sincerely apologise for all inconveniences caused by this postponement.

Bro. Mathew D. Yare

EYF Int'l Secretary

For: EYF Int'l Executives

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