How long will this happiness last? - Pst. Hope D. Gaina

I went to preach on Saturday 15/4 in a wedding, when I entered the church and heard the sounds of music and the feelings of happiness, suddenly I heard this question in my spirit "how long will this last". Quickly I remembered Ecclesiastes 9:9 which says "live joyfully with the wife you love all through your meaningless life on earth for that is your reward ...."

Wow!! What a question and what an admonition. Do you know that all marriages that ended up in divorce or are mini-hell here on earth, once had such a day full of bliss and happiness. Today many people spend time and resources preparing for the wedding day and little or no time for the married life ... We need to know that fantasies can fill our hearts with joy and our souls with hope. But never mixed them up with reality and the reality is that, life is not perpetual bliss, and marriage is not a perpetual honey moon. Do you want your happy day to last a life time? Then invest in building a life not an event. Shalom.

Pastor Hope Dauda Gaina-The Counsellor