General Introduction

The word 'role; which can-mean a function in the church, cannot be comprehensively expressed in a study such as this. The assembly of believers today is yearning for spiritual men that would keep their light shining and salting their surrounding for a better society. A spiritually matured Christian man has the responsibility to mentor others in terms of guiding, educating, coaching or counseling the younger ones behind them. He is expected to know his spiritual gift to the extent that the community of believers can easily refer to him when such a need arises. This study focuses on Simeon's role in the temple, as well as providing godly leadership.

Topic: Role of Man in the Church.

Texts: Matt. 27: 57-60, John 18:15; 19:27; Acts 16:1-3.

Aim: To stress the need to be a role model.


Man is a spiritual father and role model in the church. His role includes not only teaching by words, but also living out what he teaches. This is so because the church today is full of men that are spectators. The few that teach mostly put emphasis on theory than teaching by example. In this study we will study men who were role models.

Key Ideas:

1. Joseph Arimathea provided for the burial of Jesus, Matt. 27:57-60.

2. Peter and John took the risk of identifying with Jesus, John 18:15.

3. John took custody of Jesus' mother, John 19:27.

4. Timothy had a good testimony among God's people, Acts 16:1-3.

Discussions Questions:

1. What can you learn from the relationship that must have existed between Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea to warrant the sacrifice he made for Jesus? Matt. 27: 57-60.

2. What does it mean to identify with Jesus in an era where many hide their Christian identity? John 18:15-17.

3. What lessons are there for men in the role John played? John 19:27.

4. Timothy was well spoken of as a disciple, what could have qualified him? Acts 16:1-3.

5. What testimony do you have among God's people?

Application: How many are you modeling in your local assembly?


Lord, you have opened my eyes to see the need of investing in other peoples' lives. Help me to be willing to take risks, take responsibilities, and identify with you in all situations. Help me to be the role model that you have planted me in my church to be.

Memory verse: Luke 6:40.