To You Women

  1. You are not just a receiver. God cast more responsibilities on you than you mostly admit.

  2. You have to stop complaining and ask yourself what you are doing wrong. Not everything is everyone else's fault.

  3. Weaker vessel is not a pitiable vessel. Your evaluation of yourself can destroy you.

  4. About your man... Plan him! God designed him for you to have powers to direct his attention. Don't just sit at home and be content with the name "Mrs"

  5. Do you really have your man or do you just have his name?

  6. To have your man you must hold him in prayers and wow him with character. Combine spiritual might and natural wisdom.

  7. Your man is such a sexual being, your understanding of the dynamics of his hunger, fantasies and desires would solve many of those unwanted quarrels.

  8. Fear familiarity. If it erodes your respect and packaging, if it alters your desire to impress him and keep him drawn to you, then you have sold your marriage for cheap!

  9. Please don't let him meet his grandma every other day he comes home. It may sound simple but be clean and smart. Let home be appealing to come to!

  10. Absolutely nothing should justify a man having an affair but, don’t be culpable in ever letting that process happen seamlessly. Don’t by conduct give him any more excuse to jump into the hands of "a more respecting, enticing and smart women who ‘adore him, shows him the respect he desperately craves and who understand his needs’ or pretend to" for their personal gain.

  11. If he ever got stupid, please stay sane! By your sanity, you will show him his stupidity and he will change. If you return fire for fire, you simply burn down the house.

  12. Don't just be satisfied to be "Mrs" please! He married a pretty lady, at least in his eyes and will always be in love with that girl. Don't just go missing as many women have done even when with some discipline they could still have been sissies for longer.

  13. I think the problem with some of you is that you are struggling to be like your mother instead of who your husband wants to be married to. Delete those ideas planted in you.

  14. Unfortunately, many women make too many excuses to cover their laziness and gluttony! They can't exercise and they just can't stop eating but they want their husbands to understand that the excess fat is natural. Some disciplined ones prove you wrong my darling. Ditch excuses. We are different sizes but we can all be smart in our own size.

  15. When your husband isn't finding you very attractive anymore before you blame Satan or his weakness ask yourself honestly what changed about you. What changed about who he adored and wanted so desperately? Begin to fix it if you find the answer to be you.