When Revival comes – Souls in millions would be saved – Part E

There occurred what has become commonly known as the Second Great Awakening in America. This awakening was an assortment of revivals that occurred throughout America over a period of 50 years. No one can say from where it really began or through whom it began. It was a widespread sovereign move of the Holy Spirit. All over America and beyond.

According to records, these great revivals resulted in a tenfold Increase in Church Membership: From 1800-1850, the population in the United States increased fourfold, and church membership increased tenfold. From 1815 to 1840 the Spirit was poured out upon 400-500 churches every year; and during some years, 40,000 – 50,000 were added to church membership in a single year. Historians have stated that this was the most gracious period in the history of Christendom. Many of Yale’s graduating class in 1802 chose to go into full-time Christian ministry. Methodist circuit riders took the Gospel to the frontiers as the United States pioneers moved westward. In 1770, there were only 20 Methodist churches. By 1860 there were 19,000 churches. (68 Free great revival stories - Chet & Phyllis Swearingen)

Oh for the coming revival, so that there will be a great harvest of souls in Jesus name! Amen.

Rev. Stephen Baba Panya

ECWA President

The Not by Might nor by Power but by My Spirit Series

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