WHY ARE THEY ANGRY? - Mike Bamiloye

Someone came to comment on the Post I made about #ENDSARS coming to an #ENDWELL, and the spiritual essence of all the #PrayerWalks and the #Intercessions.

Then he was angry that we have turned the protests to religious prayer matter. He said we are no longer serious with the Protest and that Christians and their religion are one of the problems the country is having.


They expected our Youths to be burning houses and burning shops and looting and vandalizing the public infrastructures, but instead, most of them are very very organized.

I saw food companies and Restaurants following the #ENDSARS Protests serving them Free foods.

I saw someone or a company coming to the Protest with a load of Slippers to give to those whose shoes or slippers got spoilt during the Protest.

I saw some of the Protesters following the crowds picking empty water plastics thrown on the grounds to keep the routes clean.

I saw packs of takeaway food being served protesters.

I heard the wife of Daddy G.O sent packs of water and loads of puff puff to the protesters who held prayer fellowship on Sunday Morning stationed at Government Secretariat, Lagos.

I heard the Protesters in Benin were cooking food for everybody on the express highway.

I saw a company coming to the #ENDSARS Protest to supply raincoats to the protesters as they continued protesting in the rain.

I saw a large number of Protesters holding assorted new umbrellas in the rain, supplied to them by a supporting organization.

Legal Teams were following the Protesters to bail out whoever got arrested.

Medical Teams were following the Protesters to render medical help whenever the need arise.

Mike Bamiloye

When some hoodlums were sent into their midst in Lagos, to scatter them, and cause some mayhems, they captured some of the wayward youths and beat sense into them and carried them to hospitals to treat them, after which they gave them food and questioned them. They ended up joining the #EndSars.

I heard a Young Politician came into their midst to join them in the Protest, they resisted him and sent him away from Their midst, saying they don’t want Politicians in their midst.

A man notorious for organizing hoodlums also came with a bus loaded with food and drinks to give the Protesters, they rejected the food and drink and threw the bottled water and food at him and drove him away from their midst.

I read that MFM sent packs of Milk to the Protesters holding Prayer Walks at the Lagos Secretariat.

This was the one that blew my mind! On Friday, while the protest was going on in a part of Lagos, then it came to the time for the Friday Jumat prayers of the Muslims, at that particular time, there was quietness and all Protest stopped. And all Christians stood by while the Muslims prayed in The middle of the road and Christians and others who are not Muslims waited patiently and quietly till they finished the prayers and the Noises of Protest resumed again by everybody.

There was respect for other people’s religion.

There were