Wisdom for the Young Couple

1. Welcome to marriage! Now is the time to stop thinking like you know what it's going to be all about and to humble yourself. It is learning time!

2. Marriage is easy, but you can complicate it with your pride.

3. If both of you will act like both of you deserve to be happy, both of you will live happily ever after.

4. Everything has changed. You have to change too. The crisis will begin as soon as you want to keep acting single.

5. I am sorry to announce to you that your friends and family have to take the back seat now if you really want to have a marriage. They are surplus to "intimate requirements"; that's now

an exclusive preserve of the two of you.

6. Babe, your mum may ruin this union if she doesn't understand her place! If she trained you well, it is time to let you have your own experiment and prove her training right.

7. Welcome to inlaws! You thought you could treat "anybody" the way you want and get away with it right! Not these bunch. You may have to take a course in "International


8. Sorry did I hear you say "I thought I knew you" to your new sweetheart? No! No!! No!!! You didn't know and you still don't know... You are trying to know now and you will keep learning new things so chill, pray and keep learning! The more you learn, the better it gets.

9. The guards are down and the pressure to be nice and act right so as not to trouble the relationship is gone! You belong to each other now and both of you know that divorce isn't it! Who they are is about to come out because there is nothing to prove. Welcome to praying for them to fear God and act right.

10. Welcome to silly stupid quarrels of newlyweds over what's not ultimately important. They don't hate you and they haven't changed, both of you are just naive, don't let it break your foundations. It will pass!

11. Welcome to your new Area Commander. Welcome to being questioned about all you once had the right to do without questions. Humble yourself. It's all in God's plan. Obey!

12. Welcome to the land flowing with forgiveness and understanding whose inhabitants are not perfect!

13. Welcome to the city of discrete people who understand that every family has a secret.

14. Welcome to a land where all your fantasies about sex will fade, be met or be disappointed and you will have to reinvent new adventures almost every other day to ever want it again.

15. Welcome to the assignment! Forget that thought of crossing your legs and being fed. You didn't just employ a Househelp, you just became one!

16. Welcome to the land whose inhabitants live by faith and not by sight! A land where many have failed because they trusted in horses and chariots and not in grace.

17. Welcome to strength! Welcome to the power of a unified group! Welcome to two who can take on a city.

18. Welcome to tomorrow! This is who you chose. Work it out! Your destiny is tied to this choice and how you treat it.

19. Make sure you don't lose the fun. As soon as you entered that house, adventure becomes what you have to invent again and again else it's over and you just grind down into roommates.

20. Being married is just the beginning of a new phase. If you think you have arrived, you have entered "one chance".

You need to be more observant than emotional. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Think deep about situations and pay attention to God's word and wholesome literature. You need a lot of wisdom now

21. I know you are married but don't become insensitive! Think about the consequences of each action; consider them before you act.

22. Being married or staying married is not good enough. You have to be fulfilled in the marriage... Don't dream less than this and don't stop working at it.

23. Dude, don't become stupid and overbearing; God didn't just hand you someone to abuse with your powers but someone to help you fulfil destiny and vice versa!

24. You will never stop having misunderstandings! It is as easy as two good understandings missing themselves! How you handle it is what matters.

25. They will change, gradually but surely in many ways. No matter how same and awesome they remain, they will change in some ways that you would have to get used to.

26. Don't let anyone scare you about tomorrow. Whether you have been married 30 years or 30 minutes, humility, faith in God and deliberate action are what it takes to create God's kind of home!

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